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curb view of residential home with light grey roof shingle color
curb view of residential home with light grey roof shingle color

9 Most Popular Roof Shingle Colors

Are you in a dilemma of choosing roof shingle colors for your roof replacement project? The right shingle color is the secret to an attractive and lasting curb appeal. Look for a color scheme that blends your house theme and harmonizes your home’s elements. 

The good news is the range of asphalt shingle colors is continuously growing beyond neutral tones of gray and brown. 

The color you choose for your roof depends on your home’s architectural style and vision, budget, type of siding, the weather and natural environment, the size and theme of the house, and the current trends in the neighborhood and market. 

You’ll have timeless and lasting results if you carefully mix the aesthetics and functional value while choosing the color for your roof. You can use our roof visualizer to experiment with how these different colors will look.

Here’s a list of trendy roof shingle colors in the market to choose from. 

Light Brown Roofing Shingles

side view of brown roof shingles installed on residential home

Light brown roof tones match well with darker and larger houses because it helps accentuate other roofing and house features. Also, it allows you to use different complementary colors for the siding to elevate their appearance. Its durability and resistance to blue-green algae make them a popular choice in roofing. 

The different shades of roof shingle colors include sand and desert hues which are perfect for warmer environments. The shingles reflect away the UV rays from the house during the day, thus keeping it cool. The light brown tone blends well with the surrounding landscape without overwhelming the color and style of your curb appeal. 

You can get light brown hues in different shades and textures, which you can use to create a beautiful contrast and style. They are perfect for traditional or rustic themes because of their earth tones. 

Charcoal Gray Roofing Shingles

Charcoal gray is your go-to option if you’re looking for an alternative for a dark, subtle roofing color. It adds a modern feel to the shingles but doesn’t drown out your design choices on the siding or other roofing extras. Also, it fits traditional settings as it’s a timeless color that blends with such themes. 

Charcoal gray minimizes heat absorption during summers, maintaining the home’s cool temperatures. The different shades of the shingles can easily match various siding colors without clashing with other tones or affecting the overall curb appeal without detracting from its standout features. 

Pewter Gray Roof Color

curb view of roof shingle color in pewter grey

Pewter gray is a neutral color best for modern and antique homes. It gives your roof a unique architectural design that makes it stand out in your home’s exterior. Different textures of this shade of gray, either light gray or dark gray, bring a modern touch to your traditional home, elevating its appearance.

Gray roof shingle colors remain one of the most popular choices in the market. Different shades of gray make your roofing more exciting and give it a stand out appearance. Also, it’s more durable and lasting, yet adds to the sophistication of your roofing choice. 

Tan Roof Shingle Color

The warm tone of tan shingles complements any siding color. It’s a perfect choice for traditional themes and white siding as the roof shingle colors provide a nice contrast. There’s beauty and organization in a neighborhood full of tan shingles. 

You can choose perfectly designed tan shingles with brown textures and different tan shades on the asphalt shingles to highlight the patterns and color. 

Light Blue Roof Shingle Color

Consider other cool roof shingle colors like light blue to deviate from the standard brown, black, or dark gray tones. They easily match various home shades, and the cool tones of the light blue color allow it to blend with the surroundings and environment. 

Light blue exhibits tranquility and can blend in with other neutral colors highlighting its classic style. The light color improves energy efficiency properties in heat retention and reflection.You can add different hues of blue, like dark blue, denim, or blue-green, that perfectly contrast your roofing shingles. 

Green Shingle Color

Green brings color and balance between a home and its surroundings. It’s a perfect fit for modern white homes with green spaces that helps it blend in with nature. The most familiar green hues, like emerald and forest green, bring unique combinations and variations to your curb appeal. 

Black Asphalt Shingles

residential house with neutral siding and dark black roof shingle color

Black shingles are a dark monotone color that on its own doesn’t stand out. However, using darker shades of black in your roofing can help give your home a striking curb appeal. Look for dark shades like the midnight oak, which provides the perfect color blend with numerous siding colors or other color combinations. 

Combining this color with other colors in your siding or the surroundings creates a unique contrast.

A black roof quickly absorbs but retains the heat, maintaining cool temperatures within the house during winter. 

Dark Brown Shingle Roof

Dark brown hues offer a good variety of dark-colored roofing styles. Pair the dark color with lighter colors in the siding to create a working contrast or blend to create a unique curb appeal. These dark brown roof shingle colors are the perfect addition to white houses.

You can find brown shingles with an undertone of red and yellow to bring a different dimension to your roofing. The red undertones often exhibit confidence and sturdiness in your choices which blends in well with white siding like white or gray. 

Light Colored Asphalt Shingles

Off-white hues like stone, beige, gold, or khaki are some of the lighter-colored shingles you can use for your roofing. The catch in using these light colors is finding an appropriate blend for your siding or the house theme. Contrasting it with a brown or black trim provides a contemporary feel to the house. 

Their heat absorption and retention are pretty low.. Architects often use undertones on the paint or siding to highlight their off-white roofing inclusions and show off their themed houses’ beauty. 

The Most Popular Roof Shingles

These are the most popular colors in the roofing industry. Consult a local expert like Melo Roofing when choosing your roof shingles. We are a veteran owned company serving the Syracuse community; we understand the value of having an attractive roof that lasts. 

Melo Roofing can help you choose a color that boosts your home’s curb appeal, giving it a unique feel and appearance. With an attractive shingle color, you can increase the value of your house. Contact Melo Roofing today, and we’ll help you figure out which roof shingle color best serves your home.

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