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front view of newly replaced grey asphalt roof shingles on home
front view of newly replaced grey asphalt roof shingles on home

How To Replace Roof Shingles in 5 Quick Steps [DIY Guide]

Most homeowners look for ways to reduce house maintenance costs while balancing comfort and curb appeal. Quality roofing installation and management techniques allow you to maintain an exciting appearance while increasing your home’s value. 

If you need a roof repair, learning how to replace roof shingles helps you save money and keep your roof and house in good condition. It’s a simple step-by-step process that you can follow to achieve impressive roofing results. However, you must maintain the quality, aesthetics, and functionality of your roof shingles. Ignoring this will result in further costs and repairs. Here’s how you take on replacing roof shingles. 

Step 1: Get the Roofing Materials

Gather the repair tools you’ll need to replace the shingles on your roof replacement project. If you’ve never worked with asphalt shingles, consult your local roofing expert or the internet for help in this process. You’ll need these tools and equipment before starting the job. 

Replacement Roof Shingles

contractor demonstrates how to replace roof shingles using tools

When you need to replace asphalt shingles, consider the number of damaged roof shingles or old shingles you need to repair. You need a sufficient supply so you have what you need to fix your roof if you notice more damaged pieces during the replacement. Look into the shingles’ quality and color to match the current roofing appearance. 

Adhesive Strips/Cement

Adhesive strips bind the shingles to the roof before hammering them down. It keeps shingles tightly fitted, preventing them from moving or being blown away in harsh weather conditions. Some shingles come pre-fitted with adhesives, thus eliminating the need to buy the strips. 

Ladder & Safety Equipment

A sturdy ladder helps you get to the roof safely. Secure yourself using safety equipment such as a safety harness before climbing the ladder. If there’s any doubt about your ability to safely repair the damaged shingles on your own, consult an expert roofing contractor like Melo Roofing.

Roofing Nails & Tool Kit

Roofing nails help secure three-tab asphalt shingles. Their structure and design require heavy-duty nails to complete the installation or replacement process. To get the job done, make sure you stock your tool kit with a claw hammer, adhesives, and cleaning equipment.

Step 2: Inspect the Roof for Proper and Complete Removal of the Damaged Shingles

Inspect the roof for damaged shingles and remove them. Start by breaking the sealant on the bottommost tile of the shingles you want to remove by lifting them. This way, it exposes the nails, making it easy to claw them out and release the damaged shingle. Try to minimize the debris left behind from the broken or cracked pieces. 

Before you begin the repair, any remaining nails or broken leftover shingles should be removed. 

Consider cleaning the old shingle area to keep a clean surface for your shingle replacement. 

Any debris or unwanted materials will limit the adhesion of the new shingles on the roof. You can focus on just replacing damaged sections or the entire roof. For quality results, contact a professional roofing service like Melo Roofing.. 

Step 3: Fit the Replacement Shingles

close up of contractor showing how to cut and replace asphalt roof shingles

To install the replacement shingles, identify the damaged portion of the roof. Using the bottom-up principle on pitched roofs is best to avoid compromising your work’s quality. On flat roofs, choose one corner where you can work your way toward other areas without interfering with other replaced shingles. 

Take the replacement shingle and snuggly fix it onto your roof. Remove the adhesive strip and carefully place it in the section for self-adhesive shingles. Then, hammer the roof nails in the pre-cut nail holes on the shingles. If you feel confused or unsure about any step, verify each step before you begin. 

Step 4: Seal in the New the Adjacent Roof Shingles

Once you nail in the shingle, you should carefully lift the edges to apply sealant to bind it with the surrounding shingles. Be careful not to undo the proper placement you just completed. It’s best to deal with a single row as you work your way back up the roof. 

Take note of any loose shingles and seal them as you continue replacing the damaged ones. It helps improve the roof’s lifespan and functionality by preventing water from entering the singles. Water-logged or damp shingles compromise the roof’s quality.

Step 5: Inspect Your Final Result

Once you finish replacing the damaged shingles, inspect every replacement tile to ensure it’s been installed properly. Check other shingles with visible faults and apply sealants to any loose areas. You can use adhesives or cement to fix cracked or split shingles before trying to replace them. 

Following a DIY Guide to learn how to replace roof shingles is meant to save you money, but you still want to maintain roofing standards. Don’t be in a rush to complete the project; make sure you are doing quality work. 

Things To Look Out For When Replacing Roof Shingles at Home

homeowner seals newly replaced roof shingles with caulk

Here are some key pointers to consider in DIY roof replacement projects:

  • Inquire about having a roofing permit before taking on the project
  • Consider the timing and season of your project. It’s best to replace your roof in cool weather, mostly during fall
  • Take safety measures when panning your replacement project
  • Learn the techniques in roof shingle replacement and the methods for better results
  • When removing shingles, consider starting with the weaker bonded sections for easy removal

Replacing Your Roof Shingles in 5 Simple Steps

Starting a DIY project on asphalt shingle roofs can be daunting as there are many unknowns and much to lose for the homeowner. You must be sure of your confidence, knowledge, and skills to execute each step correctly and accurately. With these five steps, you’re in a better place to replace any damaged asphalt shingles on your roof.

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