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Protect your home and everything in it by keeping your roof in good repair
The all people’s primary need is a roof over our head. Nonetheless, many people tend to wait until the roof can grow a leak before repairing or installing a new roof.

A regular roof check should be done by each homeowner at least twice a year – once in spring and then in fall, according to the National Roofing Contractors Association.

These are a few signs indicating that your roof has reached the end of its time and needs replacement. Watch for telltale signs of wear and tear if you want to make sure that your house stays comfortable and leakproof.

Old shingle roof
Shingle roofs have a 25 to 30-year lifetime. You need to consider installing a new roof if you live in a 30-year-old house with a shingle roof, even if the roof looks good from the ground.

A professional roof contractor can help you decide to cover the roof with new shingles or to go for a modern tile roof.

Moss growing on your roof
They grow on the roof surfaces, which does not get a lot of sunlight. Moss collects water, which also damages the shingle granules. When the moss begins to grow, it is hard to remove it without damaging the roof.

Granules around the property
If you see granules littered around the house like in the garden, gutters, or other places, it indicates the need to replace the roofing. Through the years, the shingle roofs split into small pieces that look like dark coarse sand.

Take a close look at your roof. If you see the shingles tend to be dirty, damp, broken, or twisted, it is time to contact a professional contractor to replace your roof.

The sunlight falls through the boards of the roof
Check the attic to see if light flows through the roof boards and also to detect the moisture. If you see the water leaking from the attic, installing a new roof will be the best course of action.

Cement or tar chimney flashing
The cement or tar flashing declines resulting in quickly water leaks. When your house consists of cement or tar flashing, you should consider replacing the roof. We will install a roof flashing with a long-lasting waterproof covering.

The warranty on all our repair services extends up to 10 years.